What We're Doing

The PBH Network is a collection of three sites -- All That Is Interesting, PBH2, and Runt -- that create the most shareworthy content on the Internet. Since being founded in 2012, the PBH Network has steadily grown into an internet institution that has attracted over 400 million visitors.

Why We Want You

While we appreciated being a 3 AM and noodle-eating start up, we've entered a new phase of growth that demands expertise and high performance in every facet. From top to bottom, we're looking for determined individuals who strive to be the best at what they're doing and inspire us to do the same.

We offer a challenging and rewarding work environment, competitive salaries, burrito provisions, and the ability to contribute in all the ways you're capable of. And we want you to be an integral part of our journey in becoming a household internet brand.

Current Opportunities

Chief Of Sales
Audience Development Director
Contributors, All That Is Interesting
Gallery Contributor, All That Is Interesting
Social Media Internship, Runt Of The Web
Original Contributors, Runt Of The Web
Viral Gallery Contributor, Runt Of The Web

Chief Of Sales

The PBH Network is looking for a forward-thinking industry veteran to become our Chief of Sales. While we've succeeded in growing revenue every year of operation, we want someone to evangelize our brand and grow avenues for direct sales. As the Chief of Sales, you will:

Correspondingly, we are looking for an individual who:

You'll be working out of our office in Brooklyn, New York. Salary is negotiable and can include equity, commission, health insurance, matching 401k, and MTA reimbursement.

Contributors, All That Is Interesting

All That Is Interesting is the premier creator of fascinating content that is as substantive as it is shareworthy. From bizarre ocean creatures to video footage of the most important image captured by Hubble, we create and curate content that sheds light on the most intriguing corners of our world. If that’s something that you like to do, too, then you should write for us.

Currently, All That Is Interesting (ATI) is seeking creative, independent-minded writers to help strengthen our editorial vision and readership. Whether your background is in art, science, history or something else entirely, we want you to help us create a space where life's dynamics and intricacies are brought forth in an engaging, entertaining and original manner.

As an ATI contributor, you'll be given an ample amount of freedom when it comes to content topics, as we believe that it’s passion that generates successful articles and websites–not just passing trends. We consistently receive four million visitors a month, so your work won’t get lost in the vastness that is the Internet; it will be viewed and shared by people just like you.

To apply, please send a writing sample, a brief statement on your interests and the most fascinating content you’ve come across in the past week to jobs@all-that-is-interesting.com.

Gallery Contributor, All That Is Interesting

All That Is Interesting is looking for a freelance gallery contributor with a proven record of creating popular photo-based content targeted at social media. The contributor will pitch 3-5 gallery ideas every two weeks and execute accepted pitches on our requested timelines. The contributor will also be inputting galleries directly into WordPress, so familiarity with editing posts in WordPress is strongly desired as is experience editing media.

Remuneration begins at $100 per gallery, with payment increasing over time depending on performance. To be considered, please send jobs@all-that-is-interesting.com an e-mail that includes 3 links to your best performing content and 3 pitch ideas for All That Is Interesting.

Social Media Internship, Runt Of The Web

Runt of the Web, a growing comedy and satire website that publishes curated and original content, is offering a social media internship beginning in December. We're seeking a sharp, self-motivated college student or young professional who has experience in social media and content production.

About The Position

As a website with a strong social media presence, you’ll be given extensive responsibilities to help our site grow. Your primary tasks will include:

An ideal candidate:

The position will entail working between 25 to 30 hours a week out of our office in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and requires a six month commitment, though the position can potentially be extended for longer.

Remuneration starts at $12.50 an hour and includes an unlimited MTA card and the occasional burrito. We're also happy to provide necessary documentation if you'd like to obtain academic credit for this internship.

If you're interested in applying, please email runt-editor@runt-of-the-web.com with your resume, links to your social media profiles or profiles you've managed, and the funniest thing you’ve seen online this week.

Original Contributors, Runt Of The Web

Runt of the Web is a growing web presence focused on publishing the funniest content on the internet. We're currently looking for contributors to write original pieces; if you're funny, creative, and possess critical thinking skills, you might be the writer for us.

As a site with a developing voice, we're open to new formats and topics, though we encourage you take a look at Runt's original pieces.

You'll be compensated for your contributions, have access to our office space in Brooklyn, and have your work exposed to over 5 million monthly visitors to Runt of the Web. Additionally, all contributors have full attribution of their pieces as well as their own author page.

To apply, please send 3 humorous writing or video samples and 5-10 prospective Runt headline pitches to runt-contributors@pbh-network.com.

Viral Gallery Contributor, Runt Of The Web

Runt of the Web is a growing comedy site aimed at only the most discerning of mouse clickers. We're currently looking for talented individuals with a track record of sculpting viral content to become regular gallery contributors to the site.

We strongly encourage you to apply if you are:

Successful candidates will be compensated $75 for each accepted contribution and have their work exposed to over 5 million monthly visitors to Runt of the Web. To apply, please send your three most successful pieces of content and a link to the funniest content you've seen in the past week to runt-contributors@pbh-network.com.

Don't see a perfect fit? Talk to us anyway.

We're always interested in hearing from talented and inspired individuals.